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The SIPE Project

A third-party Pidgin plugin for Microsoft LCS/OCS | GNU GPL

Last Modified: 2017-02-07

SIPE Project

This project develops third-party plugins for the Pidgin / Adium / Miranda / Telepathy multi-protocol instant messaging clients/frameworks. It implements the extended version of SIP/SIMPLE used by various products:

With this plugin you should be able to replace your Microsoft Office Communicator client with Pidgin / Adium / Miranda / Telepathy.

Please make sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions page!

It is not recommended to compile the source code yourself. Experience has shown that it is difficult to get all prerequisites correctly in place, especially for new Linux users. Instead you should use the ready-to-use installation packages which most OS distributions offer under the name pidgin-sipe. See also the links at the bottom of this page.

The Pidgin project does not support third-party plugins! If you have problems with this plugin then please check out the wiki or the support forums. Bugs should be reported here.

You can help to translate SIPE to your native language at Transifex. The service offers a convenient web editor and automatic submission to the repository.


Ready-to-use SIPE installation packages for various distributions

IconDebian IconUbuntu IconFedora IconMandriva
IconopenSuSE IconGentoo IconFreeBSD IconNetBSD IconArch Linux

Can't find your distribution in the list? Your distribution only offers an installation package for an obsolete SIPE version?

Maybe the Open Build Service project has the installation package for you.

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